Writing about your business isn’t easy. Because you’re so close to it, you may overlook things that could hook a new client. And you’re too busy running your business to write about it.

Well, we can help. Our copywriter has over 20 years’ experience writing for a wide range of sectors. She’ll get across your message clearly and succinctly by choosing the words, style and tone of voice to appeal to your target audience. Her punchy compelling copy will engage them and make them want to find out more.  And bring you more business of course!

We can initiate copy or rewrite existing copy that isn’t working for you. We can produce content for all your marketing materials from leaflets and press releases, to brochures and websites. With websites, we’ll take your researched keywords and write all the optimisation elements to help you get found by the search engines.


“She offers more than just timely, compelling copy. She has a good understanding of messaging and how best to pique and maintain the interest of target audiences. She delivers this professionally, on budget and with a healthy dose of humour.”

Sally Hems MCIPR, MD – Oakleaf Communications

“Simply put, she produces great work! A fantastic ability to understand the message and create new or overhaul existing copy that’s spot on with minimum fuss. Which is exactly what is wanted.”

David Muller – director, Plan2Do

caliper.gifOnly manage what you can measure.

In our experience you can only manage what you can measure. Spending valuable money on sales teams, websites, campaigns and sales collateral without having an effective measurement structure in place to measure success, is quite simply throwing money away.