About Us

kbw are providers of sales, business development and marketing services to corporate and SME clients nationally, and a supporter of Chamber of Commerce members throughout the UK. With a real passion to inspire companies to fulfil their potential and capitalise on their opportunities, kbw has built a strong reputation with clients for their direct, pragmatic culture based firmly on logic and common sense. Please view the testimonial section of this website to see how the Get Britain Selling programme has made a positive impact on the success and culture of our clients.

Keith Whittle is leading the team behind Get Britain Selling. Keith is the Managing Director of KBW  and originator of Get Britain Selling. He is a passionate advocate of professional selling and in his corporate life has over 20 years experience working for high profile companies such as Brother, Lexmark, Nikon and Sony.

caliper.gifOnly manage what you can measure.

In our experience you can only manage what you can measure. Spending valuable money on sales teams, websites, campaigns and sales collateral without having an effective measurement structure in place to measure success, is quite simply throwing money away.